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About The Author

I have worked on Wall Street and Main Street for over 40 years. I have managed and led great businesses and performed the last rites on others. As a result, I have developed a set of principles and defining characteristics that help me understand which companies should succeed and which should be left for dead.

But during this time I have learned the most important thing... how to lead in good times and bad.

Bailey's commitment to sound corporate governance and his belief that - there are only one set of rules.... and they should apply to all - steered him toward writing.

His debut, "Pirate Cove," is a riveting account of the infamous Southport Lane scandal, a true story of corporate deception and intrigue. Through his narrative, Bailey not only uncovers the layers of deceit in the high-stakes world of finance but also underscores the human costs of corporate greed.

Currently residing in suburban Boston, Massachusetts with his wife Christina, he continues to be an advocate for transparency and ethics in finance.

His years of experience and unwavering commitment to seeing that the "rules" are applied equally and fairly to all have made him a sought-after expert in his field, garnering respect and admiration from peers and readers alike.

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