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“An intriguing story of corporate malfeasance and how Bailey helped bring a major financial scandal to light... Colorful characters and intrigue involving covert FBI investigations make the narrative feel like a hardboiled detective story by a man who would rather be right than rich."

Learn more about Richard D. Bailey's debut book detailing a thrilling insider account of financial fraud, intrigue, and scandal in Southport Lane.

Pirate Cove
In "Pirate Cove", Richard D. Bailey, a seasoned veteran of good companies and bad, uncovers the layers of deceit surrounding the infamous Southport Lane scandal. Through an enthralling narrative, he delves into the corporate machinations led by the audacious self-proclaimed financial prodigy, Alexander Chatfield Burns.

Burns, with his confounding methods, managed to gain control of four significant state-regulated insurance firms, leaving many perplexed. But Bailey, with his sharp acumen, began connecting the dots. His relentless pursuit to unveil the truth behind the facade is a testament to one man's compulsion to find the truth amid a sea of corruption.

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Ripped from the front pages of the of The Wall Street Journal, "Pirate Cove" reveals the dark underbelly of corporate finance, exposing the high human cost of ambition, power, and treachery. Drawing comparisons to cinematic triumphs like "The Wolf of Wall Street" and "American Hustle", this book is not just an account but a warning of the lengths people can go for unchecked ambition.

A plainspoken, gripping read, "Pirate Cove" offers a firsthand account of of the drive to uncover corporate malfeasance, where reality often surpasses fiction. Dive into this riveting tale of one honest man's battle against overwhelming odds in the murky waters of corporate America.

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Praise For Pirate Cove
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